Special Delivery #3 w/ Brandon Stosuy & Yohuna

Recorded live from Pete’s Candy Store! Doug premieres a new song about honkin’ on a vape pen during day job downtime, and Jordan talks to The Creative Independent Editor-In-Chief Brandon Stosuy about working art into your day-to-day life. Doug also covers a classic Joni Mitchell song! Additional music of mostly new songs by Yohuna accompanied by Adelyn Strei.

Also, Jordan says the next taping is December 17th, but Jordan is an idiot and not good at reading the notes that he wrote on his goddang phone, so please know that the next show is taping December 27th! Not the 17th. It’s a 2 not a 1.

Check out Brandon Stosuy online (The Creative Independent / Basilica SoundScapeTwitter) and Yohuna too! (Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)

0:00 “Theme from Special Delivery” by Dougie Poole
2:05 “Vaping on the Job” by Dougie Poole (NEW SONG)
8:02 “Don’t You Think I’m Funny Anymore” by Dougie Poole
10:52 Jordan and Doug talk about dicking around at work
13:34 conversation between Jordan and Brandon Stosuy
30:51 “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell (COVER)
34:26 “Tripping With the One You Love” by Dougie Poole
39:02 Jordan gets confused about Forrest Gump
40:51 “Knowing U” by Yohuna (NEW SONG)
41:38 “Lake” by Yohuna
44:18 “Fades to Blue” by Yohuna (NEW SONG)
48:45 “See Me” by Yohuna (NEW SONG)
51:47 “Dead 2 Me” by Yohuna (NEW SONG)
56:00 “Mirroring” by Yohuna (NEW SONG)