Special Delivery #9 Carta Monir & thanks for coming

Recorded live from Pete’s Candy Store! Doug covers the Kinks, Drugdealer, and the Exciters; Jordan talks to Carta Monir about her usage and portrayal of the Internet as well as her various portrayals of herself. There were some technical problems at the beginning of the show with Jordan’s microphone, but not major and apologies in advance!

Check out Carta Monir online (website / Twitter / Instagram) and thanks for coming too! (Bandcamp / Twitter / Instagram)

0:00 “Theme from Special Delivery” by Dougie Poole
1:18 “Waterloo Sunset” by the Kinks (COVER)
6:03 “Wild Motion” by Drugdealer (COVER)
9:48 “He’s Got the Power” by the Exciters (COVER)
11:57 Doug and Jordan talk about if being an artist sucks, and Jordan’s mic sounds like garbage.
15:15 conversation between Jordan and Carta Monir
38: 38 “losing touch” by thanks for coming
41:27 “of age” by thanks for coming
44:49 “clue” by thanks for coming
47:47 “those golden days” by thanks for coming
49:46 “pandora” by thanks for coming
52:14 “love in the age of killer robots & melting ice” by thanks for coming
54:44 “eve” by thanks for coming