Special Delivery #5 w/ Brett Davis & Lily Konigsberg

Recorded live from Pete’s Candy Store! Doug and Jordan learn how to have real jobs at the age of 30, Brett Davis talks about his character-based comedy and music from Palberta’s Lily Konigsberg.

Check out Brett Davis online (website / Twitter) and Lily Konigsberg too!
(Lily & Horse Horn / Palberta)

0:00 “Theme from Special Delivery” by Dougie Poole
2:03 “Freight Train” by Elizabeth Cotten (COVER)
5:16 “Roll Another Number (For the Road)” by Neil Young (COVER)
7:34 Doug and Jordan discuss new careers and the dog days of winter
10:36 conversation between Jordan and Brett Davis
33:26 “Elbow” by Dougie Poole
38:10 “I Lost It” by Lucinda Williams (COVER)
41:45 9 songs by Lily Konigsberg