Special Delivery #2 w/ Liz Pelly & Thelma

Recorded live from Pete’s Candy Store! Doug and Jordan talk to Baffler columnist Liz Pelly about our new future where everything is free but nobody gets paid. Appropriately and at Liz’s request, Doug covers Gillian Welch’s modern classic “Everything Is Free” and premieres his new song “Los Angeles” which is about convincing yourself that if you move to LA it will solve all your New York problems, or whatever. Additional music from the truly fantastic Thelma.

This is a fun but weird one! Listen and watch out for Jordan who was clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown when we were taping!

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Instagram) and Thelma too! (BandcampFacebookTwitterInstagram)

0:00 “Theme From Special Delivery” by Dougie Poole
2:51 “Los Angeles” by Dougie Poole (NEW SONG)
8:14 “Laptop” by Dougie Poole
11:17 Jordan does a really bad job with the intro to the show
13:20 Liz Pelly Reads reads segment from “The Problem with Muzak”
18:00 conversation between Doug, Jordan and Liz
34:21 “Everything Is Free” by Gillian Welch (COVER)
41:14 “No Dancing Allowed” by Thelma
45:26 “Stranger Love” by Thelma
50:30 “Orlando” by Thelma
54:04 “Sway” by Thelma
57:37 “Chosen Ones” by Thelma