Special Delivery #1 w/ Eve Peyser & Crosslegged

Recorded live from Pete’s Candy Store! Doug and Jordan talk to VICE columnist Eve Peyser about coming of age in the Bush Era, the banal appeal of Jimmy Fallon, and humor under Trump. Doug covers his favorite Dixie Chicks songs and premieres his new song “These Drugs Aren’t Working” from his upcoming LP. Additional music from Brooklyn’s Crosslegged!

Check out Eve Peyser online (websiteVICE articles / Twitter / Instagram) and Crosslegged too! (Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)

0:00 “Theme From Special Delivery” by Dougie Poole
2:32 “Less Young But As Dumb” by Dougie Poole
8:35 “Goodbye Earl” by Dixie Chicks cover by Dougie Poole
12:15 Jordan begins talking about a movie it turns out Doug hasn’t seen.
15:33 Eve Peyser reads “The ‘Freedom Fries’ Congressman Is Now an Anti-War Crusader”
24:10 conversation between Doug, Jordan and Eve
42:33 “If I Fall” by Dixie Chicks (COVER)
45:54 “These Drugs Aren’t Working” by Dougie Poole (NEW SONG)
50:45 “He Don’t Call” by Crosslegged
54:12 “Untitled” by Crosslegged
57:48 “Fonder” by Crosslegged
1:02:30 “Sunbeam” by Crosslegged